My Video Games

Below are the games I made with Unity and C#.

No. 1 Block Breaker

This is my first video game. The goal is to use the paddle to bounce the ball and destroy all the blocks. It is very similar to the retro game Arkanoid. To start the game right click your mouse. Here is the link.

No. 2 Laser Defender

This is my favorite game. It is a top-down space-shooter type game. You pilot the player ship through endless waves of enemy ships using arrows keys (or a, s, w, d) and shooting with the return key. The goal is to beat your highest score! Here is the link to this game.

No. 3 2D Multiplayer Strategy Game

This is a 2D local multiplayer game with two factions. The goal of the game is the defeat the other player’s king. There are four different units and they each have their own quirks. Archers are long ranged but relatively weak in health. Knights are strong proud soldiers, with short range, high armor and decent counter attack damage. Dragons are weak but fast. They are good for harassing the enemies. Have fun and don’t beat each other up (in real life)!

No. 4 The Flames

You know how I told you that my favorite game was Laser Defender. Well, I told a fib, since this is actually my fav. A single-player topdown shooter (please tell me if you defeat the boss) with excellent particle effects and controls. Here is the link to the game.

Stay tuned for more as I build my game development skills!

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