For summer break my family and I went to the bustling city of London. London was amazing, there were so many people, shops, tubes and black taxis!  We visited the iconic Tower Bridge of London. The Tower Bridge was awe-inspiring, it was so big! From the Tower Bridge, you get a spectacular view of the Thames River. You can also climb to the top of the Tower Bridge to walk on a glass-bottom walkway. But when you look down, you suddenly doubt the strength of the glass beneath you. Aaaaahh! The Tower Bridge was also capable of lifting its bridge arms to let big cargo boats pass by. After we got down from the Tower Bridge we went to get some ice-cream🍨! Just kidding, I was thinking about getting ice-cream, but we went on a ferry instead⛴. The ferry brought us to Shake-your-spear (i.e. Shakespeare) Globe. In the Shakespeare Globe we got a funny comic, it was called “Deadpool Does Shakespeare”.


        We also visited Hamleys – “The World’s Finest Toys”. Hamleys has five floors! Hamleys has a floor dedicated to Nerf. We obviously visited that first. Standing in front of so many Nerf guns was too tempting! My favorite Nerf gun is the one and only Stryfe. The Stryfe is a semi-auto Nerf gun. My favorite Nerf darts are the Accustrike Darts, because they are more accurate.

        We also visited a sushi restaurant called Yo!. Yo! was on the top of a department store called Harvey Nichols. What made Yo! so special was that Yo! was a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant. The conveyor-belt reaches everybody’s table. You would take the sushi you wanted off the conveyor-belt. Hopefully you didn’t miss it. Mmmm 😝! The sushi was in a little cute bowl with a round plastic bubble. I wanted to take everything off the conveyor-belt, but my sister wouldn’t let me. Sigh 😞!  We first took edamame off the conveyorbelt, but I wanted to eat sushi🍣 ! So I waited and waited, until I couldn’t wait any longer. I quickly grabbed a nigiri salmon off the conveyor-belt, but my mom saw me. Too late! She couldn’t stop me. 😋




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  1. I love the new post! I have been waiting for one for a very long time. London sounded so fun! (*wink*) The picture is quality, and the food sounds delicious! I can’t wait for more, keep up the good work!

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