The New Shogun

It was year 3000 in Beiburēdo, somewhere in the world, a new child was born, called Zyro Kurogane. Darkness was regaining its power, DNA (Dark Nebula Again), the evil Beybladers led by Team Garcias, the brazilian WBBA team (World Beyblade Battle Association) who wanted to corrupt Beiburēdo, had returned. If they were not stopped, they would win the Beyblade tournaments, and rule Beiburēdo. The current ruler of Beiburēdo was the shogun Beiburēdo-Kami. He was a powerful and fair leader. To beat him was to beat the gods.

Gingka Hagane, the no.1 legendary Beyblader, also owner of Samurai Pegasus W105R2F bey, had not returned for 100 years. He was the only one who could stop the DNA, or not…

Portrait of Gingka Hagane Drawing by MarchingMarshmallow

A decade later, it was the year 3010. Zyro, also called “scaredy cat”, had been practicing with the bey Samurai Ifraid W145CF that had been passed down from his anonymous father. His siblings were advance beybladers who practiced with Thief Zirago WA130HF and Thief Phoenix E230GCF. He had one brother named Takehiko Kurogane and one sister Taeko Kurogane  (the only non-corrupted female beyblader in Beiburēdo). Little did he know his father was Gingka Hagane.

Zyro was training for the final WBBA Tournaments. It was now 3012, and Zyro has formed a group with Shinobu Hiryuin, a tall teenager, and owner of Ninja Salamander SW145SD(Shinobi Saramanda SW145SD). Zyro was The Blader of Fire, because of his fiery spirit and temper, also because he has a orange patch of hair on his forehead. One day while Zyro and Shinobu are chatting, Zyro says, ” Our most dangerous enemy is DNA. We must attack their base before they become too powerful.”

“Yes, we are,” said a malicious voice behind them.  Zyro and Shinobu jumped, they turned around, and saw Team Garcias and multiple other members of DNA, including Yoshio Imagawa, the owner of the most powerful defense type beyblade, Bandit Golem DF145BS and his master, Kira Hayama, owner of Gladiator Bahamdia.

“We have you cornered this time,” said Kira.

“NO, you haven’t. Show him what you got, Salamander Ifraid!” retorted Zyro. He borrowed the Salamander chrome wheel from Shinobu to make a synchrom beyblade. Salamander Ifraid roared into battle. It started circling in the stadium. Kira laughed, he launched the Gladiator Bahamdia into battle. The beyblades started circling around each other, faster and faster. Now the power of the beyblades were so big, that it raised the zero g stadium one foot in the air. Zyro decided it would be a good time to use one of Ifraid’s special moves – Burning Tornado Fire.

“Burning Tornado Fire!” shouted Zyro to his beyblade. Immediately, the beyblade rushed into the air and spun into a fire tornado, the flames roaring with fury. Kira couldn’t stand the power, he shouted to his beyblade “Gladiator Demolition!” His beyblade turned into a purple hijina that punched purple flames at the Fire Tornado. Then quite suddenly Kira and Zyro were in space. Kira asked, ”Why are we here?”

“Because you chose to fight with me, face to face, without the help of your teammates,” replied Zyro. Zyro still had fiery orange-red flames in his eyes, because he used his beyblade’s special move. Kira had purple flames in his eyes too. The beyblades crashed together again, but Ifraid’s spin got weaker and weaker.

“Ha!” Kira said, “Now you see that I, Kira Hayama, am the most powerful beyblader!”

“NO!” shouted Zyro. “Gingka is still better than you, you filthy being!”

“Calling me a filthy being. I will crush you like I crush an ant!” They floated softly back to earth. Kira was right, Zyro had lost.

“NO!”screamed Zyro. ”You beat me!”

“Ha! Obviously I beat you!” said Kira happily. Shinobu was beside himself with rage. The members of the DNA took them prisoners. As soon as they were inside, they started dancing.

“Why are they dancing?” whispered Shinobu. Zyro shrugged. Team Garcias lead them into their bey battle room. Zyro gasped, and Shinobu shouted, ”Gingka!” they saw Gingka tied to the wall by electricity handcuffs.

“Son!” said Gingka.

”Son?” said an amazed Zyro, “You are my father?!”

”Yes” replied Gingka, “Beat Team Garcias and save me!”

”I will! Go now, Salamander Ifraid!” said Zyro to his beyblade.

Salamander Ifraid W145CF? You think I’m scared? GO, Ray Cancer 135SF” jeered Selen Garcia. Ifraid hit Ray so hard that it broke into several pieces. Selen looked horrified and screamed, “NO!” Ian, Selen’s sister said, “I will avenge my sister, and destroy you with Cyclone Herculeo 105F!” Cyclone Herculeo swirled into battle, and hit Salamander so hard that Salamander started tipping slowly, its spin got weaker and weaker until clunk, it fell to the ground. Gingka called out to his son, “Use my Samurai Pegasus! the beyblade rolled towards Zyro. Zyro caught it in his hands and said, ”GO Samurai Pegasus!

Pegasus charged towards Herculeo and knocked it out of the stadium.  Argo, the leader of DNA launched his bey, Ray GIl 100RSF into the stadium but missed, and Ray whoosed right pass Pegasus. Gingka said, “Son it is time to use Samurai Pegasus’s special move- Galaxy Nova!’’ The beyblade Pegasus burst into the mythical winged horse. It charged at Gil and threw it off balance. They had won! Automatically the electric handcuff disappeared. Zyro said joyfully, “Gingka, you are free!”

“We have to go now before they stop us with us with their beys,” said Gingka. They run down the empty corridor and are about to turn a corner when they get ambushed by Doji, a man who only thought of revenge for his life. He was too weak to have his own body shape. He owned a beetle like robot that he always stays cooped in.

“Why hello my friend, Gingka you’ve escaped” said Doji evilly.

“Let us through!’ said Gingka. “Only on one case, you beat me in a bey battle!” said Doji.

“What bey will you be using?”

“I will be using this,” said Doji.  His robot transformed into a huge beyblade. “Mwah ha ha ha! I will crush you all!” screamed Doji.

“What? How is that possible?!” said Shinobu angrily.

“Don’t worry. We can win if we combine all of our beyspirit! What matters in the end is a blader’s spirit. If you truly want to win, you clean your mind of everything else, and focus on the battle,” said Gingka defiantly.

“Beyspirit beyspirit, your stupid beyspirit. All that matters in the end, is power! I will demonstrate by DESTROYING YOU!”

“Go now, Samurai Ifraid!”said Zyro.

“GO, Samurai Pegasus!” said Gingka.

“Show me your power, Shinobi Saramanda!” said Shinobu. The beyblades circled around the huge beyblade cyclone.

“Special move, Burning Uppercut!” said Zyro. The beyblade turned into the Ifrit monster.

“Special move, Galaxy Nova!,” said Gingka. The beyblade turned into to the legandary Pegasus.

“Special move, Infinite Stream Assault!” said Shinobu. The three beys circled the huge beyblade cyclone. The beys tried to hit the huge metal beyblade, but they bounced off harmlessly.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Are you trying to defeat me with those pathetic tops?” He had insulted beyblades, thus committing a crime.

“We must unite our beyblades. Join Ifraid, Samurai Pegasus!” shouted Gingka to his beyblade.

“Join Ifraid, Shinobi Saramanda,” shouted Shinobu. The beyblade still had their special powers. They formed a huge golden cyclone that circled the robot like a dragon. Then the golden cyclone turned into a golden dragon. The dragon lashed out its tail at the metal beyblade. Then it wrapped itself around the Doji’s metal beyblade. It slowed down Doji’s beyblade until it stopped.

“Arrrrrrrgh, you destroyed me! How, how could this be!?” shouted Doji from his beyblade. By now the beyblades had already separated, and there they were, still spinning.

“Yes, we did it!” said Gingka, “Because we believed in our beyblades.”

“But too bad for you, I have programmed this building to self destruct when my function ceases! HA! HA! HA! You will join me dying!”

“What, how is that possible!?” said Shinobu angrilly.

“We can figure out how that is possible later. Right now, we better run for the nearest exit!” said Gingka.

“Meet me at our doom!” screeched Doji delightfully. The building started collapsing on them. Meanwhile at the room where Team Garcias worked, Argo said, “Has Doji lost his mind?! The building is going to collapse on us. We better retreat!” Team Garcias ran down the corridor trying frantically to escape.

“This is not running away, this is an organised retreat!” said Selen “Because we will definitely be back,” said the Garcy family, aka Team Garcias. Zyro, Gingka and Shinobu turned a corner, and met former DNA members.

“No good, this way is blocked!” said Spike.  

“Only one thing to do, turn back,” said Zyro. Suddenly stones from the ceiling dropped, blocking their only exit.

“Noooooo, now we are dead,” said Spike.

“Wait, I will see if I can use Ifraid to tunnel a hole through,” said Zyro. He launched Ifraid at the wall, but it fell to the ground. “It doesn’t work. We will have to die.”

“You guys are in need of constant saving.” Standing there in the corridor were Takehiko and Taeko. They used their synchrom bey, Phoenix Zirago WA130HF to break the wall.

“Gingka,” said Takehiko as he and Taeko bowed. A few minutes later they watched as the building collapsed.

“We thought that the DNA were doing the right thing,” said Spike. “Now we know the truth.” They had a huge friendly beyblade battle.


A few years later, Zyro is holding the WBBA final tournament 1st place cup. Gingka and Zyro have a final battle in the tournmant.

“Go Samurai Ifraid!” For one last time the old beyblade obeys its owner, Ifraid smashes right into Pegasus. Pegasus absorbs Ifraid’s attack.

“Special move, Burning Tornado Uppercut!” Now Zyro is so powerful that he can use two special moves at once.

“Special move, Galaxy Nova Charge!” Gingka is always all powerful, he just never wants to use his double attack against weaker bladers. The two great beasts attack each other. Pegasus charges at Ifraid. Ifraid dodges the attack, then runs straight at Pegasus while swinging his katana. Pegasus rears back. The battle rages on between Pegasus and Ifraid. Slowly, the special powers disappear. The beyblades crash together again, but Pegasus falls to the ground. Zyro has won. Gingka smiles at his son, a tall skinny well built boy. Zyro knows that Gingka let him win. The crowd cheers, “Go Zyro, go Zyro!”


A day later, Zyro faces off against Beiburēdo-Kami and wins easily. He has beaten the gods. Gingka is so proud of Zyro that he gives Zyro his Samurai Pegasus. In turn, Zyro gives Gingka his Samurai Ifraid. Zyro becomes the ruler of Beiburēdo in the year 3016, when he is only 16 years old. Five years later, after Zyro becomes shogun, they are attacked by foreigners. But Zyro leads his army bravely and crushes them. Everybody says that Zyro is the bravest leader they ever had.


You can still see Zyro with his cresent moon family crest, a helmet, and a long kimono.  That is the story of Zyro Kurogane’s rise to power, and the end of the DNA.

The End

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