Skiing in Whistler

I am skiing in Whistler, BC, Canada. I have been staying here for two weeks.

There are two big mountains in Whistler — Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain. The first day, we went to Whistler Mountain learning area. It was supposed to be the easiest place on the mountain, but it was still a little hard for me. So I decided to go to Whistler Kids – a ski school. I was so excited about Whistler Kids! When the day came, we went to Blackcomb to go to the ski school. I got a very fun instructor. His name was Samuel. He wore a panda hood. When I did something really good, he would give me a fist bump, then he would ski backwards as if he got pushed away! He taught us how to do hockey stops, and teeny tiny bumps. He also played games with us. One was called Kill The Snow Bugs. How you play was you pretended that there were snow bugs, then you stomp on the ground and try to kill them. Because you don’t want snow bugs all over your skis! That’s how he got us to do parallel turns. (There are two ways to turn. One is called snowplow or pizza wedge, and the other is parallel or french fries. On very steep places you cannot use snowplow, so it is good to try to get your skis parallel as soon as possible.) And how he got us to skate on flat surfaces was to “waddle like a duck”. From taking the class, my skis got closer than before.

After I finished ski school, I watched a YouTube channel called Harald Harb Ski Systems. He made this ski system called PTMS Direct Parallel. Watching the video really helped me! We went on steeper paths, like blue runs. (There is this colour code that tells you how hard a trail is. Green is easy, blue is medium, and black is hard. Sometimes hard blues are almost like blacks.) I saw these people doing scary flips and jumps. I wanted to do easier jumps. It was really fun to go off jumps, because you go up and you feel that there is no ground, and then you hit the ground really hard, oof! Tree skiing is sometimes hard, but is also fun, because you go into the trees, then get shot out, whee-! And there are bumps in front of you that you don’t see and then you jump up!

Going Over a Bump

Then one day when I was chasing my mom, I was singing “Kill The Rabbit” and I was not paying attention. I hit powder while I was leaning forwards. My skis went inside the powder. I tripped and somersaulted down the hill!

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  1. You are an awesome skier. It’s good that you know how to use Youtube to learn. Your writing is very good. When I read it I feel like I am watching you ski.

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