Intrepid Museum

I went with my family to the Intrepid Museum in New York City yesterday.

We went inside the ship. I made a rocket using Model Magic in a family workshop. My rocket had three boosters. The boosters blew yellow, red, brown, and orange fire. I like my rocket.

20160215_USSIntrepid2 20160216_USSIntrepid1

Next we saw Mad Science. I got to volunteer for the bubble making experiment. The mad scientist dropped a bubble on my head. It did not pop!


Then we went to the submarine. We climbed through the holes. They were the doors on the submarine. The compartments were very small. The bedrooms were tiny. There were missiles on the submarine.

20160215_USSIntrepid44    20160215_USSIntrepid48


20160215_USSIntrepid52     20160215_USSIntrepid47


Finally, we saw the airplanes on the deck of the aircraft carrier. My favorite plane on the ship was the bomber. It looked very big, and drops bombs.

20160215_USSIntrepid53    20160215_USSIntrepid57

Afterwards, we had dinner at Korean Town.

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